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Tallinn anchorage

Why order service
at Tallinn roads?

Big part of traffic in Gulf of Finland heading ports of Russian Federation where many shipowners face problems with fulfilling their needs due to strict laws and local regulations. This especially concerns crew changes and spare parts deliveries. One of the solutions for transit vessels is to make a short stop at one of Tallinn outer anchorage areas and do the necessary. It requires only small deviation from route and doesn’t delay the vessel for more than 2-3 hours. By the time vessel arrives to Tallinn anchorage launch boat or barge will be waiting there, saving vessel’s valuable time.

There are several free of charge anchorages at Tallinn range which may be used by passing vessels. Tallinn VTS is always ready to assist ship’s captain in getting better and safe position. Our agency will inform coast guard and customs authorities, who must give “green light” for all operations at roads in advance.

Welcome to Tallinn
Tallinn anchorage area
Tallinn anchorage area